1. The Xcerts Release “Shaking In The Water” Music Video



    The Xcerts have released a new music video for “Shaking In The Water.” Watch the video below after the jump. 

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  3. Anonymous said: When is the new album out?

    Announcement coming at the end of the month. 


  4. Anonymous said: Can we expect to hear the single soon? Anticipation is at breaking point!

    Tomorrow my friend!! 


  5. Anonymous said: What is the meaning behind Listen. Don't panic?

    I wrote that song about the confusion i experienced when i was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease….total bummer. 


  6. Tomorrow we release our new single ‘Shaking In The Water’.


  7. Tour begins tomorrow at the Joiners in Southampton….Look how excited Jordan is. Psyched to play some jams and see you all.


  8. Hello summer! Frisbees now available from the gift shop - 



  9. Our new gift shop is up and running! Check out the new ‘Shaking In The Water’ tees along with physical copies of our music : musicglue.com/the-xcerts


  10. House Fest. @murraycert bought the ticket and took the ride.